Welcome to the Rollini School of Dance

Molly Howard, attended Tring Park Ballet School and The Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary.



Ms Rollini is a fully qualified teacher of The Royal Academy of Dance.

We follow the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance,

and are one of a few schools in the country that teaches

ballet at all levels from Pre-primary, through Graded and

Vocational exams up to Advanced 2 level.

Non Syllabus classes.


Choreography, Tap and Jazz Dance Classes.

Ms Rollini is a Certifide teacher of PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) This is a body conditioning and Strengthening programe which trains the muscle memory as well as helping with injury prevention and rehibilitation.

It is considered an important part of a dancers training so weekly classes 

are attended by the Grade 1s students upwards.

Private Coaching tuition.


The sessions can assist with preparation for exams,

studying a new syllabus, improving your technique

auditioning for Vocational schools or generally enhancing skills.

Cost:  £25 per hour or £15.00 per 30mins. 

Lessons can also be offered remotely online.

The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations


Examinations take place each term. 

Students are entered at the discretion of the Principle.

We are very proud of the outstanding 100%

pass rate the School constantly acheives.

The school's bi-annual production


Students are invited to participate in the School's own Production

so they may experience the 'Magic of the Theatre' 

Vocational schools Associate Programmes and Full time training

We are very proud of the success rate of our students who have secured places on Associate programmes and full time training

(For more information please visit the acheivement page)

Promising Students  who aspire to a career in dance

are encouraged to audition at schools such as:

The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst, Hammond, Tring Park, Moorland etc.